We offer free collection services for local companies in Malta. Individuals may also choose to deliver at any of our collection points.

Kindly contact us on (+356) 99427217 or email ccs@maltanet.net for more details.
We collect and recycle: 

  1. Small Household Appliances

     (toasters, microwaves etc)
  2. IT and Telecommunications Equipment

    (laptops, printers, scanners, monitors, mobile phones, computer monitors, toners, cartridges)

  3. Consumer Equipment

    (televisions, musical instruments etc)

  4. Lighting Equipment

    (fluorescent lamps, bulbs)

  5. Electrical Tools

    (drills, saws)

  6. Toys, Leisure and Sports Equipment
    (video games, slot machines)

  7. Medical Devices
    (radiotherapy equipment and other equipment with the exception of all implanted and infected products)

  8. Monitoring and Control Instruments

    (smoke and fire detectors)

  9. Automatic Dispensers

    (food and drinks dispensers) 

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